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Karmic Debt Release Workshop

Karma simply refers to cause and effect. Our actions create reactions and it is the consequences of this ripple effect and our understanding of this which creates our Karma.

Karma is not about punishment. It is about understanding and learning our lessons.

Each of us has lessons we choose to learn each life time and as a result of this we agree for specific incidents to occur.

The catch comes when we remember we have free will and that for most people at the point of birth our life contract becomes an unconscious twinge or echo.

Because of this we find ourselves reeling from our life events and some cope or deal with these events as a learning tool and others are enveloped by them and all the stages in between.

No one is better than another. It is the culmination of our life events that influence the ways in which we respond or react. Each aspect or element of our lives is gathered together to create a whole picture; a tapestry.

Each persons tapestry is unique to that individual.

If we can catch a glimpse of this tapestry we can see the threads or patterns which are prevalent in our lives and gain some understanding of what we are here to do in this life time.

Life in a physical body is complex. We are not only here with our own sacred and divine mission which cannot be fulfilled by any other soul on the planet at this time but we are also here to rebalance our Karma and learn new lessons.

The good news is that now more than ever before we have an opportunity to release our Karmic debt. The energies around us at the moment are far greater and higher in frequency than ever before and are increasing all the time. This may be why you feel you are being faced with issue after issue after issue.

Now is the time for us to re-write our cellular patterns and to rebalance our Karma. We have the opportunity to heal ourselves in profound and permanent ways.

Free yourself of Karmic debt, Past life issues and Negative cellular memory.

Release your fears and live the life you dream.

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