Earth Angel
School of Healing.

Energy Interference Patterning
Vibrational Healing

EIP is based on the premise that we store and carry emotions in our cells and that these stored emotions can have a negative affect on our lives.

Scientists are now proving this to be true.

When we encounter situations that create a negative emotional response a thought pattern is created.

This thought pattern is then stored in our cells.

EIP raises awareness of these thought patterns which may be causing dis- eases within our body or attracting difficult lessons or relationships in our lives and helps us to release them.

It is these negative thought patterns which create our experiences and attract to us people and situations that will reflect and confirm this pattern.

For example if you hold the patterning that you cannot trust people you will constantly attract people into your life who you feel are untrustworthy.

Energy Interference Patterning Vibrational Healing helps us to reconnect with these patterns and let them go, opening us up to attracting positive experiences in our lives.


Release the patterns which limit the quality of your life.


Be free to live the live you wish for.

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